What is the most expensive employee you can hire?

Recruitment is about maximising your chances of hiring the best candidates; meanwhile, minimising the risk of hiring the wrong ones.

Assessment Matrix

We have created our own recruitment software to minimise this risk, of which, a key feature is the Job Assessment Matrix. This will:

  • Enhance the chances of employing high achievers,
  • Minimising the risks of hiring duds and,
  • Make the recruitment process easier and more thorough


Listed in the matrix are all the selection criteria, including personality traits. During the recruiting process, each is addressed at least once, some multiple times.

Example Assessment Matrix


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Multiple observations

If one or two observations are negative or incomplete, it does not imply a candidate is unsuitable. However, it does suggest that there is a higher risk for that particular selection criteria.

On the other hand, if we get multiple independent observations in regards to a specific criteria point; then we have lowered the risk of making an inaccurate conclusion in that section.

Client feedback

“11 is the total recruitment package. It does not just flick us resumes saying that this person is an outstanding candidate for a position – 11 actually supplies an in depth analysis of the potential employee, so we understand the candidate prior to the interview.

We can then ask more meaningful questions during the interview process leading to a better outcome. Therefore, value for money. Their staff are focussed, professional and highly enthusiastic towards giving us top performing employees.”

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