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To work in Australia, International Candidates need a work permit through a citizenship, a residence visa or another type of visa that provides you with the rights to work.

You cannot work on a Tourist Visa.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship can assist you in determining what visa you should apply for. They have created a Visa Wizard to assist you. The Visa Wizard can help you find the Australian visa that most likely to meet your specific circumstances.

There are also many visa and immigration agents in Australia that are able assist. You can either Google them or search the internet through yellow pages Australia. Two of the sites we have come across that you may find useful are and

In general here are the following forms of visas:

Working Holiday Visa

Holders of this visa can work in a job with each employer for up to six months. This is for applicants aged 18 to 30 from countries that have a reciprocal arrangement with Australia, such as Canada, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, the Republic of Ireland, Finland, the Republic of Cyprus, Italy, France, Malta, Germany, Denmark, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, Norway, or the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. For an update to date list of all eligible countries follow the links listed above. The Working Holiday Visa enables holders to stay in Australia for up to 12 months.

Skilled Visa

Workers with skills which are essential to Australia are able to apply for the Skilled Visa. There may be registration or licensing requirements, contact the relevant authorities in Australia for your trade or practice to seek further information.

The Short Stay Business Visa

The Short Stay Business Visa allows business people to visit Australia for up to three months. Conducting negotiations, attending conferences, or finding business opportunities are all eligible activities. A Provisional Business Visa can be obtained for up to four years. If you are staying longer than 4 years, it could be possible to obtain a Business Skills Residence Visa. To keep their visa, business people would need to achieve the required level of business or maintain investment(s) in Australia.

Business Migration Program

Investors, Business Owners, Senior Executives and Business Talent sponsored by either state or federal governments can apply under the Business Migration program. This program is designed to allow business people the opportunity to trial their intended businesses, prior to deciding whether or not to settle in Australia.

Student Visa

Students are able to study and stay in Australia with a Student Visa. In circumstances you may also be eligible to work here provided certain conditions are met. Again, search the type of study you are interested in and the School, University, Registered Training Organisation or course provider. Any of Australia’s tertiary institutions should be able to assist you with information about enrolment and visas.

We recommend that you do not start applying for positions until you have assessed your chances of securing a work permit and the length of time it will take. This will save you not only time but ensure you do not put in a lot of effort for little return.

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