How to create loyalty

Loyal staff – There is no loyalty anymore, is there?

I hear this from clients about staff loyalty on a regular basis. However, I beg to disagree. Staff are not loyal to companies, they are loyal to people.

Loyal staff and recruitment

Horizontal moves

Horizontal moves make up 85% of all hires according to Lou Adler, meaning people move to a similar position, often within the same industry. A plumbing sales rep moving to another sales rep position with another plumbing company.  It’s a new position: the person is excited, new opportunity, new company, new colleagues, but after 3 months the excitement begins to wane.  I often see that someone has a very stable work history, 5 to 10 years, with one company, who changes job and the next few positions are between 1-2 years.

Vertical hires

On the other hand, vertical hires stretch the person.  This is exciting too, but much harder work. We take someone with unchallenged talent and no prior experience and offer them a career.  We take them under our wing, train them, nurture them, grow them.  That’s how you create loyalty. Personal loyalty, you have done something for that person that no one else has. Together, you have created their career.  Think back to a position where you were stretched. What’s your loyalty like to that manager who mentored you? You might still be willing to walk extra miles to help them.

85% of new hires are horizontal because it’s a safer and easier recruit. Just look for experience, similar position, similar industry.  Less training required, less initial supervision necessary.    But remember; you have not done anything special for the horizontal mover.  So when times get tough horizontal movers find it easier to jump ship.

Recruit talents with strong growth potential

The trick is to identify what talent looks like in the first place. A talent that we can foster – grow – nurture. A talent that we can move vertically.

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