DISC profiling

Like to do your own recruitment?

We offer DISC profiling to assist in your own recruitment processes. So, as you see fit, you can purchase tests from us, either on an individual basis or in batch.

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A DISC profile will give insight into how an individual will react in certain situations; such as their natural approach to job duties and their preferred communication techniques.

The thing to note, most of all is, for candidate DISC profiling to add value to the recruitment process, it’s essential to pair it with a profile of the vacant position. This is done by analysing;

  • The job duties,
  • plus the key responsibilities of the position, and
  • Assigning a personality trait from each DISC category to these duties and responsibilities.

Therefore, in doing this, you gain a better understanding of what type of candidate will be suitable to the vacancy. Hence, the closer the match, the better the chance the chosen applicant will be successful in the role.

Additionally, after a candidate has been successfully selected, DISC is still very useful; due to it’s detailed reporting, it acts as a reference point for;

  • How to best manage your new employee,
  • What motivates them and, also,
  • How to integrate them into their new team.
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