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An advertised job often gets lots of applicants. However, only one person is going to get the dream job. Will it be you? Or, will you miss out because you didn't deliver an impressive CV and a well-crafted cover letter topped off with an optimised LinkedIn profile?

Many applications get rejected due to poor presentation, wrong wording, lack of clarity and mismatched CV and Linkedin information. Recruiters look for an excuse to exclude you, not to include you in their "long listing".

At 11 Recruitment we process 30,000 CVs and cover letters per year, so we know what stands out. Unfortunately 98% of applicants fail to impress because:

  • Their CVs are typical ordinary in presentation style and content,
  • The Cover Letter is missing or full of irrelevant information,
  • Their LinkedIn profile is incomplete or inconsistent with CV.

An employer is looking for a High Achiever and will expect a CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile to reflect this as they skim through each application. The employer wants a WOW.

11 Recruitment - Cedric

Successfully helped me gain employment

Christian is very professional and knowledgeable in his field of work. He has not only successfully helped me gain employment in a job I love, he has also given me great insights on upgrading my sales capabilities.  The DISC profile that Christian has done for me was also highly accurate and spot on in many of my attributes.  Definitely recommend Christian and 11 Recruitment for your HR manpower needs. 

Cedric Tan  

Your job hunting profile

How to impress the recruiter from the get go:

  • Get a high impact CV
  • Create an effective cover letter
  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile for job hunting

Our service to you

Professional resume

Your CV needs to stand out - It needs to draw the attention to separate you from the other applicants in a positive way.

A well structured CV with the right information increases your chances to move to the next phase - a phone screening call or an invitation to an interview.

  • Get a professional and contemporary looking CV
  • Include relevant details - make it stand out - make it memorable
  • Increase the chance of passing the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) - Don't get rejected by a Robot.

Customised cover letter

50% of employers will dismiss your CV if you do not have one. 80% will dismiss you do not customise it. 

The success of your application often lies within the content of your CV but also your Cover Letter and how well you address the selection criteria.

  • Tailor your CV to the job vacancy
  • Address the selection criteria listed in the job ad.
  • Remove sections and wording that works against you.

LinkedIn profile for job hunting

If your CV and Cover Letter gets the attention then 95% of employers will look you up on LinkedIn.

Not having a profile will go against you. Having an incomplete or not impressive profile may give the employer reason to put your application back into reject your application.

  • Get a personal brand that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Make it "Keyword" optimised so it will show up in recruiter searches and automatically shortlist you for vacant job reviews.
  • Get a higher ranking - be more visible.

Modern design templates

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

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How do I get started

How do I get started

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Do I need to meet with you?

Do you guarantee results? 

Christian was extremely supportive and generous with his time. He shared several suggestions of imaginative ways to connect with the right people and explore new opportunities that mesh well with my passions, talents and experience. I left our meeting feeling buoyed into action, encouraged and very positive.

Katie Hunt


What a professional outfit. Christian and 11 Recruitment clearly prides themselves on excellence and providing their clientele with a great service.

Peter Stephens

The resume writing process


Submit your order with CV

Chose your service option below. Once payment has been received you will have the option to upload your CV and cover letter right away. We will also send you an email with a hyperlink for a later upload in case you do not have them available right away. Once uploaded it will be forwarded to a CV writer for review. 


Phone Consultation

The CV writer will contact you via phone and screen share to discuss your aspirations and requirements including format and layout of document(s)


Drafting and review

Once all information has been delivered the CV writer will commence drafting your new document(s). Standard turnaround is 5-7 working days for your first draft. If you need your documents sooner a fee of 25% will apply.


Documents delivered

The fee includes up to 2 revisions of the first draft emailed to you. Revisions must be submitted within 2 weeks of the revised draft. Should further revisions be required an additional fee may be requested.

We do not provide a guarantee that a document will get you shortlisted for an interview nor that you will be offered a position.

0-5 years work experience



  • Resume writing
  • Customise a template from our gallery
  • One allocated consultant contact
  • Two reviews of draft
  • Optimised for Applicant Tracking Systems
  • CV checklist
  • FREE - How to write a good cover letter (E-Book)
  • BONUS - Interview techniques VIDEO - valued at $300

11+ years work experience



  • Resume writing
  • Customise a template from our gallery
  • One allocated consultant contact
  • Two reviews of draft
  • Optimised for Applicant Tracking Systems
  • CV checklist
  • How to write a good cover letter (E-Book)
  • Interview techniques VIDEO
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Focus ahead

When I talk to CEOs and Managing Directors they don't talk much about cost savings anymore. That activity has run its course. Most companies are much leaner now than 5 years ago.  There is not much more to be gained by focusing on costs. They are now talking about how to increase revenue. Hire more people. Different type of people - people with different skills. Therefore, some people might need to "retool" themselves. Either formally or doing it at home in front of the PC. YouTube is for many the best tutor in the world along with Google. It is possible to learn almost anything with a determined effort to gain knowledge. Along with increased competencies often come not only job opportunities but also pay rise and increased job satisfaction and a lot more.

Job market - Perth WA - looking better

So, it might not be party time yet - but we should be some better times ahead of us... Scaling Options