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Temporary, contractor & casual white-collar staff

If you're looking for temporary staffing recruitment services, we can help.

11 Recruitment a top-rated temp agency in Australia. We provide professional and reliable white-collar staff for short-term and long-term temporary jobs.

We also cover temp-to-perm assignments.

We are able to work within short time frames to provide high-calibre temps. Obviously, we take pride in our ability to find the right temporary employee. Moreover, we guarantee it!

We are able to do this because we keep an excellent pool of temp staff, ready to fill jobs as they become available.

Our temp team consistently delivers the most professional labour hire service in Australia. Because of this reputation, we have become the preferred temp agency for employers seeking temporary/casual employees.

We are committed to provide you with top quality temporary personnel.

Carey Hodnett - temp agencies Perth & Adelaide

Carey Hodnett


"We have been working with 11 Recruitment for over three years.

They are a fantastic bunch who have never let us down - even with the trickiest of placements and the shortest turnaround times!"

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Temp agencies Perth & Adelaide

Top rated temp recruitment agency

How do you choose a temp agency?

Temping agencies are not all the same. At least we do not think so. For example, if you search for "best temp agency in Perth" it will give you some indication.

There are a number of reasons why we rank #1, and have more than 180 5-star reviews.

This is not something that happened over night. This is a result of consistently delivering top level temporary staffing recruitment services - over many years.

Temp agencies Perth & Adelaide

Comprehensive database of white-collar temp staff

Whatever type of temporary jobs you are looking to cover, we provide white collar staff for a wide range of temporary positions:

  • Secretaries and Receptionists
  • Personal and Executive Assistants
  • Accountants and Payroll
  • Accounts and Bookkeeping
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Telesales and Call Centre Staff
  • Administration

Additionally, if you need someone urgently, that's not a problem. However the longer lead time, the more beneficial it is. The more time we have, the better the chances we have of supplying casual staff to seamlessly fit your needs.

Temp agencies Perth & Adelaide

Greg Jardine

Risk & Capital
Compliance Solutions

"Christian Madsen and his Team at 11 Recruitment clearly demonstrated the huge benefit a professional and hard working recruiter can offer both the candidate and Client (Employer).

Christian puts himself in his client's shoes and through thorough research and questioning, gets to understand the industry, its current environment and the company's strategies, in order to attract and secure the best candidate for SUCCESS in the role and critically important a WIN-WIN outcome for all."

Temp agencies Perth & Adelaide

Professional & reliable temporary staff

Our robust vetting process and extensive candidate database, makes it easy for us to find the right people for you. Consequently, we have detailed information available regarding each candidate at our fingertips.

For example, we can easily determine who is the best candidate for you by selecting various criteria. These criteria include face-to-face interviews, reference checks, and skills testing.

Therefore, you can be confident that we will only send you a temporary worker who has the talent to hit the ground running.

Similarly we ensure a good culture match, so they will fit in seamlessly with your organisation.

The following are just some of the labour hire situations we cover:

  • Temp to perm
  • Short notice or unexpected leave
  • Annual/maternity/long service leave
  • Work overflow and special projects
  • Recruitment freeze
  • Experience and skill set
  • Testing results
  • Preferred working locations
  • Driver’s license
  • Availability

Our comprehensive database contains a wealth of professional and reliable temps, all ready for an immediate start. Consequently, we can deliver the right people based on your specific requirements and be part of your labour solutions. Similarly, we are available whenever you need us.

We believe it is important to get to know the skills of our temp staff and the type of work they can perform. As a result, we can provide you with the best labour hire service possible.

Fast and efficient!

Temp agencies Perth & Adelaide

Top rated temp agency - skills testing

If you do your own hiring, you know the importance of checking the abilities of your applicants.

11 Recruitment pre-tests all our temp workers. Consequently you can be confident that they will hit the ground running and be up to speed in no time.

We have 100s of skill tests covering 4 main areas:

Temp agencies Perth & Adelaide

Pam Bagworth

Academic Group

"Christian provided a very professional, friendly service.

He was excellent to deal with, always making sure we understood and were happy with the process.

His screening and interviewing was thorough and we are thrilled with the outcome - he found us an excellent candidate."

Temp agencies Perth & Adelaide

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If you are working after hours and need someone for the next day, don’t panic. Click on "book a temp now" below. We will attend to this first thing the following business day. We are committed to giving you the right personnel - every time.

Don’t start the next day being stressed. Allow us to give you a head start.

It is that easy!

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Benefits of using 11 Recruitment for your temporary, contractor & casual staffing needs

Will I save time by using 11 Recruitment for my temporary staffing needs?

Short answer: Yes - lots.

Firstly, we review hundreds of CVs and pre-qualify candidates for you. Therefore, when you request temp staff, we are ready to send you suitable contract workers as and when you need them. Conversely, if you had to do this yourself, it could be days or even weeks before you found the right candidate to fill your temp job.

Secondly, we handle the payroll for the duration of the temporary employment. As a result your on-boarding process will be simpler and save time on administration.

How can 11 Recruitment's temp services save me money?

Lower costs associated with hiring staff to manage the temporary recruitment process. As a temp job agency, we manage the entire employment process, saving you the costs of pre-employment testing, background investigations, screenings etc.

Additionally, we save you the expense of payroll & benefits processing, for all your temp and contract staff. Therefore, you can rely on us as one of the preferred staffing agencies in Perth and Adelaide, to provide you with qualified employees at remarkable savings.

Do you have short-term staffing needs or seasonal jobs?

Many business go through peaks and troughs of activity, or have temporary needs for a specific project. For example, this could be due to an office move, fulfilling large customer orders, Christmas/holiday cover, or for unforeseen staff absences.

If any of these happen, you can rely on 11 Recruitment's temp team to answer your temporary employment needs with quality staff. Even at short notice.

How can using 11 Recruitment temps help with staff retention?

If you engage the services of staffing agencies for temporary employees, you have the opportunity to assess them. You can observe employee performance, qualifications and work habits. Thereby lowering the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Consequently, this can cut down on turnover once the trial period is complete and both the employee and employer are satisfied the job is a good fit.

Using temp agencies for job placements can result in tremendous savings related to turnover, training costs and the intangible costs of staff turnover, such as employee morale.

11 Recruitment Rated 5 / 5 based on 131 reviews.