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Long-answer question samples


Write a brief blog post letting the followers of XYZ Corporation know that the new model of the digital music player, the "XYZ 10", will be released on August 10th. It will have twice the storage capacity of the previous model and come in three different colours: red, green, and blue. The XYZ 10 will retail for $199 and the previous model, the XYZ 9, will have a price cut of $50. There will be events at all XYZ stores with free giveaways and a 10% discount for the first 10 people at each location. For the blog post:

  • Consider including tags that seem appropriate and any other relevant SEO elements
  • Present your ideas clearly and logically
  • Review your posts for any errors in spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation
  • Feel free to create any details (company information, contact information, product details) mentioned as if this were a real case scenario

Directions summary

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Once you begin typing, a timer will appear to show you how much time you have remaining in which to complete your sample.

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If you use the entirety of the time limit provided, your work will automatically be submitted for you.

Multiple-choice question samples

While spending time building rapport with your customer, you should keep in mind...

  1. 1 you've built rapport with your previous customers
  2. 2
    ...the time set aside for your appointment
  3. 3
    ...if your appointment is during your customer's lunch hour
  4. 4 interruption of conversation, such as a phone call, could cause you to start over

When meeting a new customer for the first time, what can you do to help prepare for the meeting?

  1. 1
    have a proposal pre-typed and ready for signature
  2. 2
    research the company
  3. 3
    make sure you have a new briefcase
  4. 4
    ask your client's receptionist for help with your meeting

An objection is your customer's way of saying...

  1. 1
    ...that your product costs too much
  2. 2
    ...that they need to check with their boss before making a decision
  3. 3
    ...that they are not going to buy from you
  4. 4
    ...that they need more information

What is the goal of asking your customer questions?

  1. 1
    to allow your customer to share their purchasing process with you
  2. 2
    to let them know you're in control of the meeting
  3. 3
    to uncover any dissatisfaction they may have and challenges they may be experiencing
  4. 4
    to make sure they understand the benefits of your questions

A good opening should always...

  1. 1
    ...concentrate on the customer's needs
  2. 2 at least 15 minutes long
  3. 3
    ...involve your customer's Administrative Assistant
  4. 4
    ...include a personal story about yourself

Taking the time to open your sales call properly will...

  1. 1
    ...guarantee you a sale
  2. 2 you establish credibility and professionalism in the eyes of your customer
  3. 3
    ...allow time for you and your customer to go out to lunch
  4. 4
    ...guarantee you that the customer will disclose all important information regarding their needs

When making product recommendations to your customer, it's crucial that you...

  1. 1
    ...point out the features and benefits of your products for the company
  2. 2
    ...let them know you can't guarantee the product price will be the same tomorrow
  3. 3 them that you're using the product
  4. 4
    ...let them know they can return it if necessary

During your sales presentation, your customer states that they like some of your competitor's products. You should...

  1. 1
    ...tell them how much better your products are
  2. 2
    ...respect their opinion and remind them of your products' strengths and fit for their company
  3. 3
    ...ask them if they've read the fine print on the competitor's brochure
  4. 4
    ...ignore the comment and ask them to sign your contract

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