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Our sales and marketing tests cover a range of topics, from persuasive writing and customer service skills to marketing fundamentals and sales concepts.

When used in conjunction with interviewing and background checks, skills testing can give you peace of mind that your prospective employee can actually perform the work you require.

So, if you are conducting your own recruitment drive for sales or marketing personnel, our skills testing service may be of interest.

If you would like to find out more, we would be delighted to tell you about what we can offer, so you can decide if we are right for you.

Available tests

At 11 Recruitment, we have a number of sales and marketing tests available, including:

  • Writing sample - business
  • We offer a scored, multiple choice business writing test with a focus on skills such as brainstorming, grammar, organisation and approach.
  • Writing sample - marketing / advertising
  • Displays the writer's ability to create a short promotional piece that communicates the specifics of a product and appeals to the public.
  • Writing sample - email
  • Displays the writer's ability to maintain professionalism while responding to emails in a business environment. 
  • Writing sample - market research
  • Designed to model how a market research professional can present data to an audience in an approachable and descriptive manner.
  • Writing sample - sales correspondence
  • Aims to display the writer's ability to compose a short, persuasive letter.
  • Writing sample - social media (blog)
  • Assesses the writer's ability to use social media as a marketing tool. The resulting posts will demonstrate the writer's skill level in developing professional and interesting correspondence with customers on social media.
  • Etiquette - business
  • Addresses manners and appropriate workplace behaviour. Topics covered include client etiquette, effective communication, appearance, social communication, office ethics, and professional correspondence.
  • Etiquette - telephone
  • Measures general use of the telephone, verbal communication skills, how to handle calls and proper telephone etiquette.
  • Sales concepts
  • Assesses the skill level of a sales representative within any industry. The test includes topics such as rapport building, opening, probing, supporting, objections, and closing.
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Aimed at assessing the skill level of the test taker in identifying marketing strategies, applying pricing, setting plans, conducting research as well as creating promotions. 
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • This test assesses the user's ability to use common functions such as sending email and adding contacts as well as more advanced functions including arranging meetings and creating tasks. 
  • Inbound sales skills
  • A candidate who successfully completes this test will have demonstrated a well-versed knowledge of call centre sales, service, operations, and procedures. 
  • Outbound sales skills
  • Created to aid in identifying potentially successful outbound sales call centre employees and applicants.
  • Customer service skills
  • This survey is designed to measure the customer service aptitude of any customer service representative and may be administered to those who deal with internal or external customers.
  • Technical terminology
  • Addresses key terms, concepts, and acronyms used in technical professions and positions where interface with technical people is required.
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