Save on SEEK

Save 37% when you advertise through us

Like to do your own recruitment?

If you like to do your own recruitment and also save on SEEK advertising, then you can advertise through 11 Recruitment and save 37% off SEEK's list price.

No more to pay. That is it.

How do our ads perform?

We have used “StandOut Ads” on SEEK, with a very positive response. We are getting more applicants and our ads are outperforming other advertisers on SEEK. 

Graph produced by SEEK

How does it work?

Your ad will be posted via 11 Recruitment’s SEEK account with our logo so you can chose to keep your identity confidential or insert your contact details within the body of the advertisement. (If you wish to use your own advertising template a setup fee will apply).

You handle the full recruitment process, we just handle the job advertisement and candidate communication at the beginning and at the end.

Here is the step by step approach:

  1. 1
    Email your job ad to 11 recruitment
  2. 2
    We produce the ad
  3. 3
    You approve the ad
  4. 4
    We post the ad
  5. 5
    All applications are forwarded to you and you run the entire recruitment process yourself
  6. 6
    At the end you inform us who is unsuccessful and we issue a polite letter of rejection to these applicants

All your applicants will automatically receive:

  • Letter of confirmation – Your application has been received
  • Letter of confirmation – Your application has been forwarded to our client
  • Unsuccessful candidates receive a letter of rejection

So if you are on a budget this could be an option to consider.