How much would it mean to your revenue if each of your sales people could see one more prospect per week?

If a sales person works roughly 44 weeks per year then a calculation could look like this…

Sales Training

You know your numbers… Best of all, sales training can be done for as low as $1,000 per person.

11’s sales workshops

Workshops can either be online, onsite or at a remote location. They can be half days, full days or spread out over several weeks/months and include;
• Developing sales plans,
• Understanding sales run in systems, phases and campaigns,
• Identifying your client avatar,
• Qualifying of prospect,
• Mapping The Buyers Journey – crucial to understanding where your prospect is,
• Lead generation,
• Designing telemarketing scripts,
• Designing email scripts,
• Structuring client visits,
• Relationship building,
• Negotiating and objection handling,
• WOW – Repeat business and maintaining that professional relationship

A workshop will be adapted to your type of business.
• B2B vs B2C,
• Tangible or Intangible products,
• With short or long term sales time frame,
• Conceptional or non-conceptional products.

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