Sales Automation

• Are expensive,
• Can be unreliable,
• Do not always deliver.

There are now tools available to you which can make you:
• Less dependent on salespeople,
• Hire fewer,
• Save money.
And sell more..

The sales automation technology is mind-blowing.

As an example to produce this website we have integrated 20 different technologies and devices – all available for as low as

$5000 per year

The trouble is that most small to medium companies only get a sniff of what this is about.



Lead generation – blog writing – LinkedIn

Let’s take one small example.  In the B2B space, sales people use LinkedIn with little result.  Some even take up blog writing, but get disappointed and give up at this point because of a low return on investment.

But it doesn’t need to be like this.

In short, sales automation works well for:
• Account management
• New business development
• Product launches (tangible and intangible products)
• Service follow ups
• Satisfaction surveys
• Email tracking and trickers
• Website downloads
• Online sales
• Drip marketing
• Moving customers along the customer journey and further down the sales funnel
• And at least 105 other sales and marketing activities

If you have not seen sales automation in action, please book a meeting below.  The standard response is ….WOW!



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