Outplacement services

Are you:

  • Considering making some staff redundant?
  • Providing them with personal and professional support?
  • Offering them outplacement services?

Then we can to assist you.

Our outplacement services are unique as we work on both sides of the fence.

Outplacement & career management

Every redundancy is unique, so we tailor our outplacement solutions accordingly. Hence, with our online services, we can promptly assist anyone “anywhere, on any device” through screen share and online meetings.

It is unfortunate to let people go, especially if it is not the fault of the employees. Outplacement is a consideration when termination of employment occurs – maybe because of a redundancy – and you wish to do your best, assisting departing employees with their career change. It is also a way to thank them for their loyal service.

cedric tan

Cedric Tan

"I am truly impressed with the Outplacement Service provided by Christian Madsen and 11 Recruitment.

The service was professional, and we created a great looking CV, sharp cover letter and optimised my LinkedIn profile for job hunting. 

Based on Christian’s recommendations I also made 3 LinkedIn posts which we used in my job applications and follow up correspondence. It worked brilliantly. I managed to get several interviews and landed a great job within a short period of time. 

Thank you."

What we do

As we work in both the outplacement and recruitment space, we know which positions are in high demand and therefore, we provide solid career management advice.

Working across a variety of industries we can advise all candidates, from entry level staff  to senior executives, on how to seek opportunities in the current market. Naturally, we also counsel job-seekers on how to best position themselves to prospective employers.

7 compelling reasons to use our outplacement services

  1. 25+ years in career management, outplacement & recruitment
  2. As an outplacement & recruitment services provider, we see on a daily basis what works and does not - from both the employers' and job-seekers' perspectives
  3. We also have a standalone applicant service
    • CV writing service
    • Cover Letter
    • Creation & optimisation of LinkedIn profile for job hunting
  4. We have written 3 e-books
    • 7 things you must include in your CV
    • How to write great cover letters
    • How to ace an interview
  5. We produce our own job searching video tutorial in addition to face to face outplacement consultation
  6. Our service is fully flexible to suit your budget and desired outcome
  7. Our service is online and Australia wide


Employer benefits

An outplacement program is offered as an assistance to the departing employees, giving them a helping hand with their career change.

The benefits go further as it also sends a message to the remaining staff, that the organisation values and cares for departing employees.

Employee benefits

For the employee, the shock of losing their job and income can be traumatic. Getting back into the job market is not straightforward for most people. Yes, it is easy to find jobs on SEEK. Search and you will find them.

That is excellent – however, finding a job advertisement and applying for it is not the same as receiving an offer of employment. It is not unusual for employers to receive 200 – 300 – 400 applications on one job posting alone. Only one person is going to get the job so competition is severe.

Outplacement Strategy

It's crucial to know the right strategies

Knowing how to approach the job market from different angles when one strategy is not working, is critical. Most people don’t know either how to write a cover letter and a CV that stands out.

How we do it today is very different to how we did it a couple of years ago. Most recruiters (internal or external) are using very sophisticated screening technologies and they are improving at an accelerating pace.

CV reading robots should not be hindered by the use of graphics and images on a CV.

Outplacement screening calls training

Many people don't know how to handle screening

No job seeker should accept a screening call and start a conversation without having the job listing and their application notes in front of them. An applicant should not wing a screening call if they want to increase their chance of moving forward to the interview stage.

Job seekers need to know the right strategies and what to say and do in different situations.

Outplacement Job Market

The market has changed

In the past 10 years, we have seen many changes to how job seekers should approach the job market, although nothing is more significant than what has occured in the last couple years. The approach has changed profoundly.

Our outplacement program now incorporates Online Marketing – and that is unique.

Case study

We were working with a candidate – and for the past 3 months he had sent off approximately 80 applications. He only received a few phone calls, no interviews, no job offers.

He was getting desperate – Financial stress was building up – as he had a family with a young son. Recently he had also bought a house.

So, we decided to send out 1000 emails to hiring managers (outside SEEK or any other job board). We wanted to get in through the back door – directly to senior management.

461 emails were opened according to our email tracker

Eleven managers came back within 24 hours asking for the CV and requested an interview. Few people – have had that many opportunities to choose from in one go.

To get this result we incorporated 6 different online marketing tools

The good thing is that these tools are available to anyone who participates in our programs – regardless of their location or their seniority of employment.

The aim of the program is to assist people into new employment as quickly as possible.

Competitive advantage…

Most of the people we work with believe that they will be able to use these online tools after they have secured their new job

No only benefiting themselves - but also their new employer.

This is the kind of result we aim for.

I am happy to tell you more about our outplacement and career management program.

You can then decide if what we offer is a good fit for you. At the end of the day this is your decision.

Redundancy Checklist

We've created a free redundancy checklist to help with your planning.

Outplacement program content

Each program is developed and personalised to suit individual skills, experience, personal circumstances and chosen outplacement package.

Initial introduction & support

  • Tips for moving on from a job loss (retrenchment/redundancy)
  • Emotional, financial and other support options

Career review

  • Options and aspirations
  • How to identify what positions will suit you
  • Review of career up until today
  • Discuss career options - moving forward

Create a standout CV & cover letter

  • How to get started on your CV
  • What information is essential to your CV
  • What information should you not include in your CV
  • How to create a Stand-out CV – style
  • How to create a stand-out CV – content 
  • How to create a Stand-out CV – grammar
  • How to create a Stand-out CV – keywords
  • Review of CV/Formatting of CV
  • How to tailor your cover letter to a specific role
  • How to write Cover Letters - content
  • Review of cover letter(s)
  • Other documentation

Social media profiles

  • Social Media - Introduction
  • Social Media - What to do and not to do
  • How to set up a LinkedIn profile for job hunting
  • How to use LinkedIn for job hunting
  • LinkedIn profile review and advice
  • Facebook & the Internet as a research tool

Job market navigation

  • Go to the market - Job search techniques
  • How to plan your job hunt strategy
  • What job boards are available
  • How to identify which positions you wish to apply for
  • Online job searching and job search strategies
  • How to search the job market
  • Navigating the job market - job boards
  • Target identification
  • Job alerts and Google alerts

Online marketing

  • Set up personal CRM
  • Create posts/blogs
  • How to use blogs for job hunting
  • How to source email addresses
  • How to write bulk email cover letters
  • How to follow up with blogs
  • CV emailed to selected clients of 11 Recruitment

Interview techniques & preparation

  • How to handle screening calls
  • Screening call roleplay
  • Interview preparation
  • How to predict what type of interview questions you will be asked using a role description
  • How to predict what type of interview questions you will be asked using a job advertisement
  • What types of questions should you ask in an interview?
  • Tips for interview success
  • What to take to an interview?
  • How to present at an interview
  • Test interview
  • One-on-one interview preparation
  • Post-interview activities
  • Who to put forward as a suitable referee
  • How to manage your referees
  • How to negotiate your remuneration package
  • Job start preparation






Initial introduction and support





Career review: options & aspirations





Create standout CV





Social media profiles





Job market navigation





Online marketing





Interview techniques & preparation





Total hours










Operational staff





Line manager/tech staff










*Prices exclusive of GST

How to proceed

  1. 1
    Decide on program content and price or/and contact us for a specialised quote.
  2. 2
    We will prepare a letter for your employee(s) and email it to you for your approval. The letter can then be given to the employee(s) at their redundancy meeting.
  3. 3
    After the redundancy has been announced, we will contact the employee(s) to introduce ourselves and organise their first session.
  4. 4
    After the first session has been booked, we will issue an invoice for the total fee of their outplacement program. The participant(s) have 4 months from the date of their redundancy to commence their program.