Do you want to help parting employee(s) transition quickly onto a new career path? Our outplacement programs could be an option for you to consider.

Outplacement sessions are arranged depending on your requirements and budget.  Our options are:

  • On an individual “one on one session”
  • In “group sessions”
  • Online via screen share


Every redundancy is unique, so we tailor our outplacement solutions accordingly. Hence, with our online services, we can promptly assist anyone  “anywhere, on any device” through screen share and online meetings.

It is rarely nice to let people go, especially if it is not the fault of the employees.

Outplacement is a consideration when termination of employment occurs – maybe because of a redundancy – and you wish to do your best to assist the departing employees with their career change. It is also a way to thank them for their loyal service

Employer benefit

The benefit to you as the employer is that paying for an outplacement program sends a message not only to the individuals that are affected but also to the remaining staff – that the organisation values and cares for departing employees.

Employee benefit

For the employee, the shock of losing their job and income can be traumatic. Getting back into the job market is not straightforward for most people. Yes, it is easy to find jobs on SEEK. Search and you will find them.

That is excellent – however, finding a job advertisement and applying for it is not the same as getting it. It is not unusual for employers to receive 200 – 300 – 400 applications on one job posting alone. Only one person is going to get the job so competition is severe.

Knowing the right strategies are crucial

Knowing how to approach the job market from different angles when one strategy is not working. Most people don’t know either how to write a cover letter and a CV that stands out…. How we do it today is very different to how we did it a couple of years ago.

Most recruiters – internal or external are using very sophisticated screening technologies today and they are improving at an accelerating pace.

Many don’t know how to handle screening calls

No applicant should accept a screening call and start a conversation without having the application notes in front of them. An applicant should not wing a screening call if they want to increase their chance of moving forward to the interview stage.

They need to know the right strategies and what to say and do in different situations.

The market has changed

Since the turn of the century the market has changed dramatically, but nothing is more significant than what has happened in the last couple of years. 

So, at 11 we created an outplacement program which incorporates Online Marketing – That is unique.

An example

We were working with a candidate – and for the past 2 months he had sent off approximately 80 applications – He only received a few phone calls – no interviews.

No job offer. He was getting desperate – Financial stress was building up – he has a family with a young son. Recently he had bought a house too.

The outplacement program

So, we decided to send out 1000 emails to hiring managers (outside SEEK or any other job board). We wanted to get in through the back door – directly to senior management. 461 were opened according to our email tracker.

11 managers came back within 24 hours asking for the CV and requested an interview…. Few people – have that many opportunities to choose from in one go.

To get this result we incorporated 6 different online marketing tools

The good thing is that these tools are available to anyone who participates in our programs – regardless of their location or their seniority of employment. The aim of the program is to assist people into new employment as quickly as possible…

But there is more…

Most believe that they will be able to use these online tools to benefit not only themselves but also their new employer.

They now have a competitive advantage which should secure them their new role better.

This is the kind of result we aim for.

I will be happy to tell you more about our outplacement and career management program. You can then decide if what we offer is a good fit for you. At the end of the day this is your decision…

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