How to recruit loyal staff

How do you create loyalty?

There is no loyalty anymore, is there?

At 11 Recruitment, we often hear our clients say "there is no loyalty anymore, is there?".

However, we tend to disagree. While people are not loyal to companies or organisations, they are loyal to other people, and the type of people you choose to hire will have an impact on their level of loyalty.

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There is no loyalty anymore | Recruiting loyal staff

The horizontal hire

According to The Adler Group, horizontal moves make up 85% of all hires. A horizontal move occurs when an employee moves to similar position, often within the same industry.

For example, a plumbing sales rep might move to another sales rep position with another plumbing company. While this new role may be exciting at first, after about three months their excitement will begin to wane. 

Because of this, we often see candidates who have a work history of five to ten years with one company, and one to two years stints in more recent roles.

The horizontal hire

The vertical hire

A vertical hire is when you offer someone an opportunity who does not yet have the necessary skills and experience. You then train and nurture them so they progress and grow within the role.

This is how personal loyalty is created, as you have done something for your employee that no one else has - you have helped them grow their career.

Think back to a position where you were stretched. What was your loyalty to the manager who mentored you? You may still be willing to walk that extra mile to help them out.

85% of new hires are horizontal because the recruitment process is safer and easier. You simply need to look for a candidate with experience in a similar role and industry. Less training and supervision is required with these employees. 

However, you have not done anything special for the horizontal mover. Therefore, when times get tough, they will find it much easier to jump ship.

The trick is to identify what talent looks like in the first place. A talent that can be fostered, grown, and nurtured. A talent that can be moved vertically.

The vertical hire

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Contingency vs. retained search

Contingency and retained recruitment agencies are named after their payment terms.

Contingency agencies are paid a fee upon successful placement. As such, the client may engage multiple agencies to fill one role.

Retained agencies are paid an upfront or scheduled fee and they work exclusively on filling the role (no other agencies will be engaged).