DISC profiling

The three types of managers

Assessing the behavioural fit of candidates

DISC is a behavioural assessment tool that provides insight regarding how an individual will react in certain situations.

It consists of two axes, ranging from reactive to proactive and introvert to extrovert. These form distinct quadrants:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Compliance

These quadrants are used to develop behavioural profiles for both candidates and jobs.

DISC assesses behavioural fit by comparing the profile of a candidate with the profile of a role. This is useful in the recruitment process, as placements with a close match between profiles have a much higher chance of long-term success.

If you are conducting your own recruitment drive and would like to assess the behavioural fit of candidates, our DISC profiling service may be of interest. 

You can purchase DISC profiling from us on an individual basis or in a batch. If you'd like to find out more, click the button below to give us a call or click here to read our full e-commerce terms and conditions.

DISC profiling | Assessing the behavioural fit of candidates

Nikolay Schmajkov - Res-Q IT Services

Nikolay Schmajkov

Res-Q IT Services

"I was a little bit suspicious using any recruitment agencies after being burnt so many times. One day I got an email from Christian Madsen with some tips explaining how to recruit better.

I decided to go ahead with their service and was pleasantly surprised by their professional approach and attention to the process. They offered to perform a profile test for the chosen one.

Overall, I wouldn't hesitate recommending 11 Recruitment. Very happy."

How DISC provides ongoing value

In addition to assessing the behavioural fit of candidates, DISC profiling will continue to add value once a candidate has been selected, due to its detailed reporting.

Your DISC report will include four graphs outlining the candidate's behavioural profile. These illustrate the candidate's working, personal and public style, plus their work adaptation. It then provides a written explanation for each graph, describing its practical implications.

The report will also provide a general overview of the candidate's working preferences as well as their key traits, including:

  • Their observable strengths and limitations
  • How they respond to pressure
  • Their communication style

It will also detail the candidate's relationship dynamics, including:

  • Their planning style
  • Their decision-making style
  • The best way to manage them as an employee

Plus, it will examine their suitability for management, service, sales and technical-based roles.

Therefore, once you have selected your new employee, DISC will provide insight to help you manage them, motivate them, help them integrate into their new workplace and more.

DISC profiling | How DISC provides ongoing value

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