Chief Executive Officer

URGENT FILL - Do you want to travel and laugh?

  • See the entire world in just one day!
  • Fast-paced manufacturing and distribution environment with a team spirit
  • Substantial annual leave when the job is done

It's not often I ask for outside assistance, but I urgently need your help filling this special role. This is no double the most rewarding job in the world, and it comes with no COVID-19 travel restrictions!

Your potential employer

This organisation indisputably has the highest volume of repeat business in the world. They are the largest toy manufacturer and transport provider, with millions of small clients around the globe.

Within the next few days, they will be coordinating their annual logistical aerial assault from their HQ in the far North and as such, they require the skills of a magical CEO.

The role

You will be managing a magical production line, concluding with a 24-hour dash around the world. It is imperative that deliveries are made on time. Clients will not tolerate delays - you will hear the angry stamping of their tiny feet for miles.

The responsibilities for this role will include:

  • Handling large volumes of correspondence from young potential clients
  • Scheduling the production and logistics for the annual supply of goods
  • Observing clients from a distance to see who's  been naughty and who's been nice

Ideal candidate

The image of this CEO is steeped in tradition and brings joy to millions. You will display an inherently jolly personality and have the following skills:

  • Land vehicle from a great height; effortlessly enter confined spaces
  • Excellent sense of direction and good night vision - all deliveries are after sunset
  • This might not be the best from an OH&S perspective, but you may get a few drinks and kisses - you just have to take it with a big smile and a special kind of laugh
  • Lastly, we expect you to never retire, at least not for the next couple of centuries - the previous CEO lasted over 100 years!


  • Endless gratitude, love and appreciation
  • A unique custom vehicle with in-build GPS and a uniform will be provided

If this sounds like the job for you, apply using the form below. However, you'll need to be quick, as this is an URGENT fill! One the other hand, if this position is not what you are looking for - just share this vacancy on social media - someone else might be attracted to this position.

The team at 11 Recruitment would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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