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If you

•  are a permanent resident and
•  work in the “white collar” space

We might be a good fit for each other.  Our clients are always looking for candidates who fit a High Achievers profile.

What does it take to land your dream job?

Well, if you are dreaming about it – it is fair to say that other people are dreaming about it too. If you see an opportunity – other people are also seeing it. Therefore, there is competition. So, who will get that dream job in the end? In my experience, the high achiever will often get the job.

The question is, what does it take to become a High Achiever? What does one look like?

Here are my 6 top traits…

1st one – They are action focused – they are doers. While actions may sometimes lead to failure, High Achievers will learn from that failure. When they fail – they get back up. They will not be shy – they will try again. They will then often succeed on the 2nd attempt. That success gives them confidence.

Confidence to take on more action – and to achieve even more. Don’t be afraid of doing things because you may fail. You learn more from failure than from successes.

2nd one – Behavioural Fit – Most people like to work with other people they like – I do and I am sure you do too. While most people are set in their ways – High Achievers are able to adapt their style to fit in with other people and teams. They can work with almost anyone. For me, behavioural flexibility is an important trait.

3rd one – They are upbeat – Positive. Employees who come into work fresh and energetic every day are going to outproduce staff who think negatively and easily burn-out when they encounter difficulties or defeat.

Upbeat and optimistic employees try to find a way out of even the most difficult situations. They often create a working environment that is uniquely positive. They are enjoyable for the other people to work with.

4th one – They are honest – An employee can have all the talent in the world, but without integrity, nothing great will be accomplished.

5th one – They are detail focused – Attention to detail is crucial in business. When attention to detail is lacking – mistakes will be made. The devil is always in the details in my experience. Detail-focused people take pride in their work. They dot the “i’s”, cross the “t’s” and get the job done – with quality.

6th one – They never stop learning. They pursue knowledge and skills. They stay relevant and competitive. The world is moving and they are moving with it.

These are my 6 top traits.

I believe that attitude is a key ingredient in making someone a high achiever. Skills are important – but from where I sit they are not in the top 6.

Consequently – Most people can become a High Achiever – but few are. The reason is that few people make the effort to become one – few have the commitment – the stamina – to continue to make the effort over a period of time to become one.

So, even when you face competition for the dream job – there are actually only a few, if any, true high achieving competitors. If you really want that dream job – I believe you can get it.

The dream job is within your grasp – All it takes is for you to become a high achiever. Next time you are going for an interview – remember these are some of the traits the interviewer will look for.

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