Resignation techniques

Parting on good terms

It is important to part on good terms, as you never know where your career may take you. There are a number of steps to take to ensure your resignation is respectful.

1.  Prepare

Review your contract and understand your entitlements and obligations; especially your required notice period, any legal requirements and contractual agreements.  By knowing the terms of your employment contract you can negotiate a fair arrangement, in addition to saving difficult discussions.

2.  Be constructive

In most organisations, once you have resigned you are asked to complete an exit interview.  Whilst there may be things you disliked about your role, there are some comments which don’t belong in the meeting.

Once you have made the decision to leave there is no value in criticising, you will only discredit yourself.  During your exit interview you will have the opportunity to provide constructive feedback; remain professional and ensure your comments have a purpose and a genuine interest in improving the business, rather than putting your  employer down.

3.  Write a letter

Most companies will require a notice letter for documentation. It’s best to keep this precise and brief. This letter needs to state the date your resignation is effective from with a brief statement to close your current relationship with the company. If you have been working with a company for a number of years, you may want to acknowledge the working relationship.

Resignation techniques - parting on good terms

Christian Madsen - Managing Director at 11 Recruitment
Christian Madsen
Managing Director
11 Recruitment

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