How to improve your SEO for free

A quick way to improve your Google ranking

Many people contacted me after I posted an update on social media regarding our new website  They told me the same: “The link you gave me is broken!”  They also said, “How is this going to increase your SEO and Google ranking?”

The link that wasn't broken 

It worked perfectly. However, from their perspective, their feedback was correct, in the sense that it did not give them the result they expected. They thought that it would land them on our new beautiful home page. But it did not and this was deliberate. I wanted a better SEO ranking by making our homepage sought after. The reason is…

We all want a better Google ranking 

11 Recruitment used to be right at the top of a Google search, however, when we launched our new site we lost our ranking.  We landed a new position on page 3, where no one looks. We need SEO with a fast result. If you talk to SEO experts it can take up to 6 months to increase the ranking. Way to slow for us. We needed a quick jumpstart and then begin with the more advanced stuff that the SEO experts do.

We came up with a little trick... 

We did a google search for “11 Recruitment Perth”

We copied the URL and hid it behind buttons and images with a hyperlink. We also made a bitly to track it:

We then posted it on social media and emailed it to our database.

How to improve your SEO for free

The result

As we expected, people clicked on the link. Lots of people clicked. From the Google search page they went to our site – and hurrah – we were back on page 1.

We quickly settled in 6th place… for “recruitment agencies Perth”.

After this, we decided to get serious about our SEO and worked hard to improve our place. After 2 months we had improved our ranking to 5th place and we anticipate it will take a few months more before we get up to 4th. Our aim is 2nd place within 12 months.

If your company is not serious about SEO it should be. Someone needs to own this responsibility as there is money to be made for most companies. Just think about how often you google for a service or product. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is a winner.

See where we are sitting today – just click here.

Have you tried this? How did it go?

What are your SEO tricks? Please tell us in the comments below.

How to improve your SEO for free

Christian Madsen - Managing Director at 11 Recruitment
Christian Madsen
Managing Director
11 Recruitment

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