Discourage candidates from lying

CV fraud

27% of all candidates have discrepancies in their job application.

Okay, let us face the fact that some candidates lie and try to mislead you during the recruitment process. Not all, only some, however, ‘some’ is still more than we want.  Many candidates also extend the truth, or withhold information in the hope that they will be hired.  

When it is deliberate, it is lying. 

This is concerning as we judge people based on the information presented to us and, mostly as delivered by the candidate themselves.

Recruitment is all about maximising your chances of hiring the best candidate for the job, and minimising the risk of hiring an unsuitable employee.

Therefore, it is important to encourage candidates to: …tell the truth and nothing but the truth … so help me God”.  This might be a little over the top, however, the intent is clear.

Discourage candidates from lying - spot CV fraud

Here is a suggestion

Prior to the interview, email the candidate a “Candidate Declaration Form” for signing before the interview.

The example below is what I have been using for a long time.

This should make candidates reconsider providing misleading information.

When the signed declaration has been received, commence the interview.

Note - the same applies to interviewers.

Candidates routinely state that the reason they are looking for another job is that the company mislead them during the interview process. 

Honesty goes both ways.

Discourage candidates from lying - declaration

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Christian Madsen - Managing Director at 11 Recruitment
Christian Madsen
Managing Director
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