How to stop candidates from lying

CV fraud is common

CV fraud in Australia and New Zealand is very common. In fact, 25% of all candidates have discrepancies in their job applications according to research conducted by First Advantage. This figure is further backed by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

When these discrepancies are deliberate, it is lying. Candidates may purposefully exaggerate or withhold information, with the hope they will be hired. This is concerning, as we judge candidates based on the information they present to us, and we often take what they say at face value.

Recruitment is all about sourcing candidates with the potential to stay and excel, while minimising the risk of hiring the wrong person. Therefore, it's important to discourage candidates from lying, so we can accurately deduce who will be the best fit for the role.

How to stop candidates from lying | CV fraud is common

How to spot dishonest candidates

An article from SEEK outlines some of the ways we can spot dishonest candidates during the interview process. They recommend:

  • Conducting competency-based interviews to test whether the candidate actually has the skills and experience they claim to. Skills testing provides an objective measure of a candidate’s abilities and can help predict performance traits such as speed and accuracy.
  • Setting the tone for truth by being transparent - acknowledge challenges in the business and talk about the role in a genuine way. We should also give candidates the opportunity to be open, by asking if there's anything they'd like to add, change or correct in their initial application.
  • Don't rely on instinct to decide whether a candidate is being dishonest. Try to be objective, and conduct thorough reference checks after the interview to verify the candidate's claims.
How to stop candidates from lying | How to spot dishonest candidates

How to discourage candidates from lying

One simple but effective way I discourage candidates from lying is by asking them to sign an "honesty declaration".

Before being interviewed, all candidates need to agree to the statement "I declare that the details I have provided and will provide to 11 Recruitment in relation to my application will be true and accurate". 

It's surprising how many candidates will come back to disclose information that they would not have mentioned otherwise.

It's also important to remember that honesty goes both ways. I often hear candidates state that the reason they are looking for another job is that the company mislead them. So it's important for interviewers to be honest, in order to end up with a candidate that actually wants to be in the role.

How to top candidates from lying | How to discourage candidates from lying

Christian Madsen | Managing Director
Christian Madsen
Managing Director
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