As we navigate through this difficult time of Covid-19, we will be posting regular updates on the state of the Perth job market. Click the video below to watch our latest update:

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The Perth job market is booming. From May, 2020 until today, we've seen the biggest ever increase in the number of new job ads posted on Seek for Perth in such a short period of time.

The main driver of this has been the Federal Government. Since April last year, the government has implemented a number of initiatives to pour money into the Australian economy. The biggest of which is Jobkeeper with $101 billion distributed, it has been able to support 3.5 million people.

Because of these payments, WA businesses have had great operating conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently, employer confidence in WA is high and the number of ads posted on Seek, Perth, is a great reflection of this.

Every morning, since 2008, I have recorded the number of job ads posted on Seek for Perth - and when COVID-19 seriously hit Australia, in a span of just five weeks from March 13th to April 20th, the number of job ads posted for Perth dropped by 63%.

This was a massive drop.

Yes, it was the same percentage drop we saw during the GFC. However, during the GFC, this occurred over a six month period, whereas it only took five weeks from the first COVID-19 lockdown.

After this massive drop in the job ads, we have had an amazing recovery. Not only have we recovered all the job ads lost, but there are now more ads posted on Seek for Perth than there were before COVID-19. Actually the speed of the recovery has been amazing. We went from 3,500 ads on the 1st of May to 15,500, which is an increase of over 300% in a span of just nine months.

We have not had this many job ads posted on Seek, Perth, since 2012, - the year where the post GFC mining boom ended. The number of job ads are likely to continue to climb as the Australian borders remained closed, and we have no immigration to boost the workforce.

According to the Federal Government's October budget, Australia's overall population growth is expected to be just 0.2% in 2021 - and it's the slowest growth in over a century. Additionally, we have no travelers coming in with working holiday visas either, so many employers in WA will most likely find it difficult to source new employees in 2021. However, for the job hunters, this is great news as there'll be more opportunities, more jobs to choose from.

I hope you found this informative, valuable. Thank you very much for your time for watching.

Christian Madsen - Managing Director at 11 Recruitment
Christian Madsen
Managing Director
11 Recruitment

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  • Hi Christian, thank you for sharing your insight into the job market particularly in WA. It was major relief when you highlighted that the recovery was V-shape. Lost of jobs were equal to GFC, but the recovery rate was better, so, great sigh of relief. Thank you.

  • Max Crostella says:

    Good research Christian.

  • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing these valuable insights. The decline has certainly been felt across all industries. Given the curve dropped so dramatically within 4 weeks – it will be interesting to watch the road to recovery and if this will take 4 weeks or equally long as GFC recovery. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Michael Taub says:

      Hi Meike,
      Thanks for your comment. Keep a lookout for Christian’s next video which should be released pretty soon. That will help answer some of your questions.

  • Hi
    Do you have this for the rest of Australia

    • Michael Taub says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      Thanks for your interest. Currently we only provide this analysis for Western Australia job market.

  • Hi Christian, very interesting thank you for sharing.

  • Gary Conigrave says:

    Thanks, It’s always better to know…about these things anyway.

  • Warren Niblock Bell says:

    Thanks Christian,

    Apprieciate the email and information.

    Kind Regards,


  • Petra Cipriani says:

    Very interesting to see that my sector education and training increasing in job demands

  • Veronica Kumasan says:

    Hi, Christian,
    This is good for many who seek job on line. It will assist and motivate their understanding on how the jobs in Australia are marketable in various Industries.

  • Very well summarised Christian, I am intrigued to know if your prepared to forecast how the jobs market will be from supply, & services through to retail for the remainder of 2020

  • Alexander says:

    All I have seen and heard on the news about massive lay offs in all secures of all busineses

  • Great analysis of job market in WA,we hope for better numbers with the expectation on new mining development planned for next year. Thanks for sharing Christian!

  • Christian, brilliant work & appreciate your sincere views & stats on industries in WA, I would say that we are on an upwards trend with some bearish in betweens but overall there is some growth in WA.

    • Glad to hear you liked it Richard. Yes, the market is positive. We have more vacant jobs than we have had in the past 5 years.

  • Thank you Christian. It’s very interesting information. I was just searching for this information today! By the way, do you have any survey for the other states as well? How about Linkedin figures? Kind regards, Gilani

    • Hi Gilani, Glad to hear you found it interesting. If you tell me exactly what type of sections on SEEK you are interested in then I will try to include them in the next update.

  • I’ve been looking job for 3 months and haven’t got any, this is the job market in WA Perth.

    • Sorry to hear Indra you have been looking for this long. If you have done it already I suggest you download some of our free e-books on how to write “Great Cover Letters” and “7 top CV improvements”. Hope they will assist you a little.

  • Thanks for the update Christian. Always very informative, though not good news for WA this time. Would you be able to do another analysis of the eastern states?

  • Christian Rasmussen says:

    Thanks Christian, some good insights into the current WA job market.

  • Wow.. Christian .. great analysis.. Request you to please do the same for Melbourne. I am new to Australia. Currently in Perth, but looking out for jobs both in Melbourne /Perth

  • Thanks for the market analysis Christian. I’m suspecting more blood on the streets as the Banking RC recommendations unfold. I was in that industry for many years and feel for my friends & ex-colleagues who are facing an uncertain future.

    • One solution for the job hunters is to sharpen up their CV hunting skills including their CV and Cover Letter. As an example, 90% of the job applications I see are poor in presentation and job match. They are not even in the running for the job. Hence, I just launched a CV writing service to assist applicants getting closer to a job interview.

      • Very interesting and thanks for sharing your insight, Christian!!!
        How can I reach out to you if I would like to benefit from your CV writing professional services in Agile space? Thanks

  • John Salat says:

    Hi Christian,
    Very interesting numbers. I am following both seek and also Linkedin.

    • God to hear John you found the numbers interesting. I will keep you posted next time I update the video.

  • Great insights Christian. Some promising developments ahead for 2019 it appears in WA.

  • Hi Christian, great work on the numbers, I love numbers! I’m just interested to understand if you are able to involve any LinkedIn stats in this mix. I believe a lot of people are moving from Seek to LinkedIn for their hiring and job search needs in the professional sector. That dynamic is the biggest question I have over the numbers. Perhaps it makes the increase in job ads on Seek all the more impressive. Thanks in advance. Richard

    • Hi Richard, I do not include LinkedIn in the stats as they are not available. However, LinkedIn has a very small marketshare and very few (almost none) advertise on LinkedIn alone. Everyone advertise on SEEK if they advertise…

  • Peter Banovich says:

    Interesting analysis Christian, thanks.

    • Good to hear Peter – Let me know if there are any SEEK categories you would like to explore more for you.

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