How is the WA job market in 2020?

We will be posting regular updates on the Perth job market as we navigate through this difficult time of Covid-19

  • Hi Christian, thanks for sharing these valuable insights. The decline has certainly been felt across all industries. Given the curve dropped so dramatically within 4 weeks – it will be interesting to watch the road to recovery and if this will take 4 weeks or equally long as GFC recovery. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Michael Taub says:

      Hi Meike,
      Thanks for your comment. Keep a lookout for Christian’s next video which should be released pretty soon. That will help answer some of your questions.

  • Hi
    Do you have this for the rest of Australia

    • Michael Taub says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      Thanks for your interest. Currently we only provide this analysis for Western Australia job market.

  • Hi Christian, very interesting thank you for sharing.

  • Gary Conigrave says:

    Thanks, It’s always better to know…about these things anyway.

  • Warren Niblock Bell says:

    Thanks Christian,

    Apprieciate the email and information.

    Kind Regards,


  • Petra Cipriani says:

    Very interesting to see that my sector education and training increasing in job demands

  • Veronica Kumasan says:

    Hi, Christian,
    This is good for many who seek job on line. It will assist and motivate their understanding on how the jobs in Australia are marketable in various Industries.

  • Very well summarised Christian, I am intrigued to know if your prepared to forecast how the jobs market will be from supply, & services through to retail for the remainder of 2020

  • Alexander says:

    All I have seen and heard on the news about massive lay offs in all secures of all busineses

  • Great analysis of job market in WA,we hope for better numbers with the expectation on new mining development planned for next year. Thanks for sharing Christian!

  • Christian, brilliant work & appreciate your sincere views & stats on industries in WA, I would say that we are on an upwards trend with some bearish in betweens but overall there is some growth in WA.

    • Glad to hear you liked it Richard. Yes, the market is positive. We have more vacant jobs than we have had in the past 5 years.

  • Thank you Christian. It’s very interesting information. I was just searching for this information today! By the way, do you have any survey for the other states as well? How about Linkedin figures? Kind regards, Gilani

    • Hi Gilani, Glad to hear you found it interesting. If you tell me exactly what type of sections on SEEK you are interested in then I will try to include them in the next update.

  • I’ve been looking job for 3 months and haven’t got any, this is the job market in WA Perth.

    • Sorry to hear Indra you have been looking for this long. If you have done it already I suggest you download some of our free e-books on how to write “Great Cover Letters” and “7 top CV improvements”. Hope they will assist you a little.

  • Thanks for the update Christian. Always very informative, though not good news for WA this time. Would you be able to do another analysis of the eastern states?

  • Christian Rasmussen says:

    Thanks Christian, some good insights into the current WA job market.

  • Wow.. Christian .. great analysis.. Request you to please do the same for Melbourne. I am new to Australia. Currently in Perth, but looking out for jobs both in Melbourne /Perth

  • Thanks for the market analysis Christian. I’m suspecting more blood on the streets as the Banking RC recommendations unfold. I was in that industry for many years and feel for my friends & ex-colleagues who are facing an uncertain future.

    • One solution for the job hunters is to sharpen up their CV hunting skills including their CV and Cover Letter. As an example, 90% of the job applications I see are poor in presentation and job match. They are not even in the running for the job. Hence, I just launched a CV writing service to assist applicants getting closer to a job interview.

      • Very interesting and thanks for sharing your insight, Christian!!!
        How can I reach out to you if I would like to benefit from your CV writing professional services in Agile space? Thanks

  • John Salat says:

    Hi Christian,
    Very interesting numbers. I am following both seek and also Linkedin.

    • God to hear John you found the numbers interesting. I will keep you posted next time I update the video.

  • Great insights Christian. Some promising developments ahead for 2019 it appears in WA.

  • Hi Christian, great work on the numbers, I love numbers! I’m just interested to understand if you are able to involve any LinkedIn stats in this mix. I believe a lot of people are moving from Seek to LinkedIn for their hiring and job search needs in the professional sector. That dynamic is the biggest question I have over the numbers. Perhaps it makes the increase in job ads on Seek all the more impressive. Thanks in advance. Richard

    • Hi Richard, I do not include LinkedIn in the stats as they are not available. However, LinkedIn has a very small marketshare and very few (almost none) advertise on LinkedIn alone. Everyone advertise on SEEK if they advertise…

  • Peter Banovich says:

    Interesting analysis Christian, thanks.

    • Good to hear Peter – Let me know if there are any SEEK categories you would like to explore more for you.

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