Do not let this person reject you

People only hire people who they like, unless they don't have any other alternatives. So it is in your interest to be able to strike a positive rapport with new people that you meet quickly.

The reason is that the first impression that they get of you sticks; and they will spend the following 20 minutes trying to confirm that this first impression is correct.

Therefore don't start by giving people a negative or neutral impression of you when you don't have 20 minutes or more to correct it. 

You arrive for the interview, a little nervous. You announce your arrival to the receptionist, "I'm here for an interview with John Smith".  A bit short, because you are focused on your upcoming performance. The receptionist asks you "Please take a seat and wait over there".  You wait.  And you do this until the interviewer appears. 

If this is the way your interviews start, we dare to say, you can do better.  So watch the video above for our best trick to building rapport and improving your first impression.

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