CV Fraud is Very Common

CV fraud is very common

CV fraud in Australia and New Zealand is very common.  In fact, 25% of all candidates have discrepancies in their job application according to research conducted by First Advantage*.

How to spot CV fraud?

First, look at the discrepancies:

  • 65% relate to the candidate’s employment history
  • 20% relate to education, qualifications and institutions
  • 15% is database differences and criminal and financial fibs

Reference checks are (as we all know) very important. As always, the more done the better the outcome, as:

  • Employers conducting six reference checks are 12 times more likely to uncover CV fraud compared to those who conduct two reference checks.
  • Specifically, research showed 31% of the time a discrepancy was revealed when six (or more) checks were done, versus 4% when only one to two checks were conducted

Watch out for CV fraud and avoid cutting corners

I am a recruiter and have been in the industry for more than 25 years.

Be very careful when conducting reference checks if a recruitment agency has been engaged on a commission only basis.  A consultant who is paid on a “success only” basis will have a clear conflict of interest when conducting reference checks (or any other serious checks and verification for that matter),  particularly if something that may eliminate the candidate is found.  No placement equals no pay.   I always advise employers to undertake reference checks themselves or to hire a consultant on an hourly rate or retainer basis.

I was recently sourcing a CEO vacancy and spent hours researching the final candidate and the referees he had provided.  That research revealed the direct supervisor of his previous two positions had been his wife.  While they had different surnames, he did report to her.  Furthermore, the other three referees had neither supervised nor worked with him from what I could see.  It took some serious work to flush this out, but it was worth it.  Here is why.

* Find report here.  Page 14 for Aus/NZ reports

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  • Faisal Hussain says:

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for producing such an informative article. It will certainly help Risks and Control professionals to look into the probabilities of CV frauds.


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