A million dollar activity

From reactive to proactive

Is activity low? - Not happy with your team’s results? There is one thing to do about it.

First of all this is how it should be...

When we are busy, we are busy. When we are slow, we are busier.

Because in slow times we are busy creating lots of activity.

When business is good, we are busy reacting to events.  When these events slow down (the phone rings less often, fewer enquiries, fewer proposals to write, emptier inboxes) we then have to change our mindset from being reactive to proactive. It's a big change.

Many don’t know how to handle this: Why call clients if they don’t have a need? It is a waste of time… It is just so slow.

Well, I was in this situation once and I learned one thing:

Activity creates activity. Out of this comes the most unexpected results...

Years ago, I had a Sales Manager in Melbourne. Our branch in Adelaide had just recruited a new employee. The Adelaide branch was successful and normally the State Manager would handle the induction, however, it was quiet in Melbourne so why not do something?

Creating activity

My Sales Manager flew to Adelaide and went out to a hot prospect together with the new consultant. Right away, the prospect said "You are wasting your time. I have just resigned; I am moving to Melbourne; and I will not be recruiting here nor in my new job".

Even though it seemed there was no business for him, my Sales Manager said: “I am from Melbourne - do you know anyone in Melbourne?

“No,” she replied.

“Well,” he said, “a group of friends going to the Melbourne Cup next week - why don't you come along and meet people?

She accepted and asked if she could bring a friend who was moving too – “of course”

They had a great time at the Melbourne Cup. They talked business: the friend was opening a call centre for a company called Orange and asked if we would like to be involved. Long story short, over the next few years we placed more than 400 staff. Today, the company is Vodafone.

Later, our contact in Melbourne from Adelaide called saying a large insurance company needed a new Call Centre Manager in Perth. She knew the perfect candidate, all we needed to do was to connect the dots. We placed the candidate and got paid.

That candidate became our client, so over the following years, we placed about 500 insurance staff within the company.

After that, our Adelaide/Melbourne contact became manager of a national outsourcing company and started using our service in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We placed around 1,000 staff during her time there, including 80 staff when Virgin Blue and Richard Branson started up in Australia.

It all started with one small decision - let's create some activity.  Going from being reactive to proactive.

So, if it is a little slow, my suggestion is to create an activity that adds value to other people.

People will remember what you did for them and reciprocate in a way that adds value to you.

One thing you can also do is connect with me on LinkedIn. You never know what this connection will do for you 🙂

Christian Madsen - Managing Director at 11 Recruitment
Christian Madsen
Managing Director
11 Recruitment

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