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Client recommendations

David Woods

Managing Director

"Christian's ability to structure and organise 11 Recruitment using technology and process may come naturally to Christian, but is unique.

Christian is a leader in his industry and his abilities and experience make him one of those a rare individual."

Bob Blakiston

General Manager

Christian and 11 recruitment have supported my HR recruitment requirements for the last decade.

I have always found his company to be detailed in their recruitment processes that achieved appointment of a successful applicants that fit."

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Candidate recommendations

Peter Stephens

Wow! What a professional outfit. Christian clearly prides himself on excellence and providing his clientele with a great service.

Whether Employer or employee you can rest assured a good match has not happened just by chance.

Nick Barritt

A very intense interview that expertly gained more insight about me as a client and enabled my CV to be fleshed out with more important information.

The questioning was clear and precise and the listening skills displayed were top-notch.

Thank you for also giving me a bit more confidence in myself.